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Including: Crochet coral, catch ‘The End of the Line’, see Force Majeure, take a maths walk and . . .  join me in Carlow.


reef1How to crochet a coral reef:  Australian twin sisters, Christine and Margaret Wertheim, combined their interests in mathematics, art, coral reefs, feminine handcrafts and environmental activism . . . and produced a stunning crochet coral reef.  Now joined by thousands of other crafty folk around the world to knot a great barrier reef. Starts in Dublin on Saturday, October 24 with a workshop in the Science Gallery.  Not to be missed.

Force Majeure:  ‘Science is meant for the progression of man’, wrote Jules Verne (20,000 leagues under the Sea), ‘but using science for evil can also lead to the downfall of men. There is conflict between man versus nature.’ . . .  A tension explored in a new programme of events at The LAB, the excellent Dublin City Council’s art space in Foley St, which includes the Grafting Parlour collective of artists, scientists and researchers. Until October 24th.  Also, an art and astronomy exhibition:  I See a Darkness II, until Oct 24th.

Innovative Dublin: the week-long festival of Innovation continues .  Check out the wide range of excellent events here, which include a conference on nanotechnology and responsible development tomorrow, Friday, and a ‘study of old library dust’ (SOLD) at TCD.

Maths . . . on the street, and in the pub: this is also Maths week, now in its fourth year and going from strength to strength. Plus, the forecast is good for tomorrow afternoon’s annual quaternion walk, from Dunsink Observatory to Broom Bridge; booking: Fiacre.OCairbre@nuim.ie

Nothing to eat but jellyfish: if we continue to destroy fish stocks, there will be nothing left in the seas to eat but jellyfish.  Don’t just take my word for it.  Catch the excellent documentary film, The End of the Line, on More4, Tuesday October 20, 10pm.  It will change what you eat.

Science at the edge: next June, Galway will host a major conference on science and technology at the European periphery (STEP). Themes will include: science and national identity, popularising science at the periphery, and women in science. The deadline for submitting a short proposal is October 23.

atomwebCatch a carbon atom: these ethereal images of the electron clouds (blue) as they orbit the nucleus of a carbon atom. Taken by scientists at the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Ukraine, and deservedly image of the day at New Scientist recently.

Health, science and sustainability: if you’re near Carlow next Wednesday evening, October 21, drop into the health and environment exhibition and talks, at the Seven Oaks hotel, from 7pm.  I’ll be talking later in the evening, on health, science and sustainability, but beware, as my talk comes with a health warning: I promise to mess with your brain, and to eat deodorant! (All based on the tips on my latest book: Drive like a Woman, Shop like a Man.)

Can this man predict the future? next week, you can meet games  theorist, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, aka the Predictioneer, when he comes to Dublin for a special event at the Science Gallery, which includes an interactive experiment. A consultant to the CIA,  he built a computer model that he claims can predict the outcomes of international conflicts with 90% accuracy.  A report about his claims generated some controversy on the Guardian recently, here.


More events:

* Geology of Avoca mine, field trip, October Saturday 24

* What if? exhibition, Science Gallery, Dublin

* Astronomy open nights, NUI Galway Observatory:  3rd Wednesday of each month, plus public talks on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

* Why Are We Here?, Armagh Observatory talk, Thurs October 22,  8pm

*Galilean star party & Cork jazzBlackrock Castle Observatory, Cork, Sat Oct 24th

* For Peat’s Sake: Bogs and Climate Change, EPA talk,  Tues 27th October, 6.30pm, Dublin

* Climate Change and the Developing World, Met Society talk, Thurs 29th Oct 8pm, Dublin

* RDS Science Live demonstration talks for Junior and leaving certificate classes, now on, Dublin


And check for yet more events here



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Including: a major art-science conference, the very long-range weather forecast, and must see: Open House


Art & science conference: a major international conference on ‘art and science: complicity, criticality, knowledge’ takes place in Dublin Castle October 26-30th.  Full details here Among the many speakers, we see several Irish ones, including Liam Kelly, who will talk about: Forensic Mapping: What Lies Beneath.

Weather permitting: meteorologist Evelyn Cusack will give a very long-range forecast this Thursday, in a public lecture on the future of Irish weather for the Irish Meteorological Society. Always worth listening to. Thursday, October 8, TCD, 7:30pm.  Meanwhile . . . earlier in the RIA, marine biologist Dr Ken Whelan, will talk about the threat climate change poses to salmon. 6pm Adm free, booking advised.

show_image.phpRECOMMENDED: Open House. Ireland’s largest architectural event is this weekend, October 8-11, and among the many interesting events and buildings you can visit, we spotted: Dublin city’s central laboratory, the Irish Times newsroom, the docklands by boat, a walking tour of Liffey bridges, a new sustainable city park windfarm, the Commissioners of Irish lights, UCD’s new science buildings, TCD’s museum building, the science Gallery, and a walking tour of ‘the Metals’ linking Dalkey and Dun Laoghaire. Pick up the stunning free brochure at outlets around the city, and be amazed at the city’s stunning new buildings.

All from nothing? Prof Simon White, director of the Max Planck Institute for astrophysics, will be asking, or maybe answering that question, when he gives this year’s annual lecture for the School of Cosmic Physics, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.  All welcome, adm free. Monday, October 12 at 8pm in UCD.

Engineering that changed the country: it’s 80 years since the ‘Shannon scheme’ was opened at Ardnacrusha, opening the way for the National Grid and rural electrification.  Engineering historian and entertaining speaker, Paul Duffy, will talk about the scheme, Monday October 12, 8pm, Engineers Ireland, 22 Clyde Rd, Dublin 4.

An end to silly equations in the media! What do you get when you mix mathematics and scepticism?  A ‘stand-up mathematician’  talking about maths in the media! By Matt Parker, organised by the Skeptics Society, for Maths Week.  Wednesday, October 14, 8pm, Dublin Adm €3. And their November speaker will be David McWilliams.

Green Drinks:   the ‘green drinks’ networking events started in Dublin earlier this year, and are now a regular once a month in the Science Gallery.  I’ve not been yet, but I’m planning to join them next Tuesday, October 13, when the guest speaker will be talking about ‘ecology of mind’. Adm free, and they promised “free stuff and discounts” . . .  tho’ surely we should be trying to reduce consumption?!  Doors open 6pm. Science Gallery.

Science in the Dublin air: a new science radio series takes to the airwaves at  Dublin City FM starting this Thursday, October 8, and presented by journalist Sean Duke, who also has a regular slot on TV3’s Ireland AM. Good to see one of the smaller radio stations engaging with science.

Next week is: Maths Week (Oct 10-16th), and Innovation Week (Oct 14-20)


Check out more events here



Dublin Castle, DUBLIN, IRELAND

25TH-31ST OCTOBER, 2009

The Relations between Art and Science:  complicity, criticality, knowledge



Dublin Castle programmes and associated evening events

Information and Booking; http://www.aica.ie

Our website also contains information on visa requirements and suggested accommodation

Registration ; aica2009@abbey.ie

Monday 26th October 2009

9.00 am . Last minute Registration at Congress office and other matters

10.00 am. Welcome by Yacouba Konate, International president of AICA

10.15 am. Introduction by Ciaran Bennett President AICA Ireland

10.30 am. Keynote Speaker; Suzanne Anker she is a visual artist and theorist working at the intersection of art and the biological sciences.   Recent  exhibitions, all in 2009 include The Hothouse Archives, Institute for Critical Inquiry, Berlin; The Glass Veil, Berliner Medzinhistorisches Museum der Charite, Berlin, Corpus Extremus, Exit Art, NYC, A New Kind of Art, large-scale installation at the Lisbon Biennale.  New publications include Visual Culture and Bioscience, Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC (2009) in conjunction with the National Academy of Science, “Cultural Imaginaries and Laboratories of the Real: Representing the Genetic Sciences” in The Handbook of Genetics and Society: Mapping the New Genomic Era, (2009) Paul Atkinson, Peter Glasner and Margaret Lock (eds) Routledge. She has recently lectured on her work at the London School of Economics, Cambridge University, Courtauld Institute of Art, all in the UK, in addition to the Banff Center for the Arts in Canada and the Pera Museum in Istanbul.  Her radio program The Bio-Blurb show is archived on ArtonAir.org., (formerly WPS1.org) directed by Alanna Heiss.

11.30 – 1.00pm

1. Swinnen (Belgium)  The counterpart of the “Western eye visits the Majority World”
2. Roberts (UK) Sci-Art and The Rise of Biology as a Substrate for the Visual Arts
3. Liam Kelly (Ireland) Forensic Mapping: What Lies Beneath

2.00- 5.00 pm

1. Kovac (Croatia) Medusae Resignified: Narrative Strategies in Dorothy Cross’ Work
2. Pace (Germany) The Art of Science – The Science of Art
3. Elaine King (USA) Art & Technology: Ethics and Social Accountability


1. Castillo (Mexico) Technology-art-society and art criticism
2. Joan Fowler (Ireland – Unpacking Process: Cornelia Parker, Simon Starling, and Pierre Huyghe


6.pm – 8.00pm. Irish Museum of Modern Art, exhibitions and wine reception, with a welcome by Director Enrique Juncosa; the museum is normally closed on this day, and will open specifically for the delegates to the congress

Tuesday 27th October 2009

9.00 am. “A Tortured Vision”. Will address the divide between objective and subjective reality in  the work of Francis Bacon .

Keynote Speaker; Semir Zeki, currently Professor of Neuroesthetics at University College London, after having served as Professor of Neurobiology at UCL between 1981 and 2008. His main interest has been the organization of the visual brain, which he has shown to consist of many distinct areas, each with its own specialization, for example for visual motion or colour. These studies that have led him to an interest in the process of artistic creativity and appreciation and into the insights that art gives into brain organization. Fellow of the Royal Society London, founding fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences London and foreign member of the American Philosophical Society. He is also a member of the Academia Europeae and of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Among his awards are the /Prix Science pour l’art/, the Rank Prizxe in Opto-Electronics, the King Feisal International Prize in Biology and the Erasmus Medal.

9.45 – 1.00 pm

1. Streitfeld (USA) – Applying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to 21st Century Art
2. Braine (Slovenia) – Mathematical Models and the Invention of Forms
3. Matei Stirea-Cracium (Romania) – Articulating Knowledge on Art with Knowledge on Science


1. Onipede (Nigeria) Indispensability of Art and Science in the Quest for Development in Developing Countries
2. Ramon Tio Bellido(France) Examples of relations between contemporary art and sciences, the limits of||fiction and illustration
3. Berman (USA) Biologically Attuned Art Today: Critical Paths to Its Public Emergence


2.00 – 5.00 pm

1. Grace Weir (Ireland) ‘In my own time’
2. Saari (Finland) ‘It aint’t rocket science’ – on the relations between Art, Science, and Ethics
3. Messer (USA) Photography’s Wake (Begining with Barthes, at the end)


1. Smucker (USA) Collection, Comparison, and Criticality in the Bechers and Eliasson


6.00 -9.00 pm. Artour of the city, with over twenty galleries and art spaces participating

Wednesday 28th October 2009

9.00am. Keynote speaker: Carrie Fitzsimmons received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a double major in art and economics. These areas of study led her to develop a wide range of talents in the arts, business, and nonprofit fields. Fitzsimmons’ diverse professional background paved the way to her current position as the International Director for Strategy at Laboratoire Management International (LMI), a management company overseeing the international vision of Boston-based youth arts center the Cloud Foundation and Paris-based experimental art, design and science center Le Laboratoire (www.lelaboratoire.org). During her time with LMI, Fitzsimmons has spearheaded the creation of The Boston 100K ArtScience Innovation Prize. Before joining LMI, Fitzsimmons was the Director of Administration, Planning, and Stewardship at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. At the ICA, Fitzsimmons managed the Director’s Office and Trustee and Board relations, as well as the Visitor Services, Human Resources, and Information Technology Departments. In July 2008, Fitzsimmons was chosen as one of 30 museum leaders from around the world to participate in the Getty’s Museum Leadership Institute. Fitzsimmons is also a Connector for Boston World Partnerships, a new, non-profit organization, created by Mayor Thomas M. Menino, to raise global awareness of Boston as one of the world’s foremost centers of intellectual capital and innovation.

9.45 – 1.00 pm

1. Jeanette Unite (South Africa) Terra: Mining, Eco-Alchemy and the Industrial African Landscape
2. Sulic (Germany) Art and space a revolution of knowledge
3. Angus Stewart, Off the record – an un-ended conversation with Francis Bacon – a special Bacon paper on the centenary of his birth on this day in Dublin.


2.00 – 3.30 Round Table Discussion followed by coffee

4.00 – 5.00 pm. Questions and Answers Round Table discussion on themes and resolutions of the Congress, chaired by Professor Ciaran Benson

6.00pm – 8.00 pm. Francis Bacon ‘ A Terrible Beauty’, Dublin City Gallery, the Hugh Lane, home to his studio and documentation. A reception and exhibition to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the painter Francis Bacon in Dublin.

Thursday 29th October 2009

Day trip to Cork, via Kilkenny and Carlow

The second city of Ireland is in the south of the country, is home to The Glucksman Gallery, Crawford Municipal Gallery, and the National Sculpture Factory. On route we will visit the Butler Gallery in medieval city of Kilkenny, and the newest major art space in Ireland, Visual in Carlow.

Friday 30th October 2009

AICA 62nd General Assembly

10.00 am – 5.00 pm. The National College of Art and Design, are hosting this assembly at their new Harry Clarke Building.

6.00- 8.00 pm. exhibition and reception at the new Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, details to be confirmed.

Please note that due to unavoidable financial constraints the chosen language for the conference will be English.

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